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We strive to provide an environment and activities that promote skills related to success in school, such as listening, working independently and with a group, staying on task, controlling impulses and following directions.


TTh, MWF or M-F
12 Students, 1 Teacher and 1 Aide
Cost:¬†Check the “tuition & fee” page of our website

Fine/Gross Motor

  • Develop and strengthen eye/hand coordination
  • Strengthen scissor skills/cut simple shapes
  • Manipulate a variety of writing and painting tools
  • Write name correctly using upper and lowercase letters
  • Copy simple shapes
  • Develop skills of balancing, running, climbing and throwing


  • Exposure to a wide variety of literature
  • Develop oral language skills
  • Recognize rhyming words
  • Recognize upper and lowercase alphabet
  • Recognize beginning phonetic sounds


  • Recognize shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, octagon)
  • Recognize sizes and positions
  • Develop sorting and matching skills
  • Recognize colors (red, blue, purple, green, yellow, brown, orange, black)
  • Count to 25
  • Recognize numbers 1-20
  • Simple addition using manipulatives