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15 Students, 1 Teacher/1 Aide
Cost: $460 a month

Fine/Gross Motor

  • Grasp a pencil correctly
  • Manipulate a variety of writing and painting tools
  • Scissor skills/cuts shapes
  • Write name correctly using upper and lower case letters
  • Draws simple shapes
  • Develop skills of balancing, running, climbing and throwing


  • Exposure to a wide variety of literature
  • Promote oral language skills
  • Identify rhyming words and rhyming patterns
  • Identify upper and lowercase alphabet
  • Identify the sound of each letter
  • Blend vowel-consonant sounds orally to make words or syllables
  • Read one syllable words/simple sentences


  • Know the days of the week/months of the year
  • Identify yesterday/tomorrow
  • Memorize scripture verses and short poems
  • Identify sizes and positions
  • Recognize sizes and positions
  • Sort and classify objects by size, color, shape, position or type
  • Identify and copy and create patterns
  • Connect numbers to concrete objects
  • Count, write and order numbers to 100
  • Count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
  • Identify numbers to 100
  • Identify coins and their value
  • Solve simple addition/subtraction problems
  • Introduce fractional parts
  • Telling time to the hour